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About DAWA

Peace! I am Tayler.

A wellness enthusiast currently working to heal the world by reclaiming our birthright to live in harmony with nature. As a student of nature and a mother of three children all born at home, my life is rooted in ancestral wisdom. DAWA was created after taking an African history class that opened me up to the truth and the magnificence of the people before me. My life's work centers around inspiring habits for families to thrive, with a micro focus on joyful birth, and plant medicine.

What is DAWA?

DAWA is the Kiswahili word for medicine, natures medicine to be specific. Our mission is to REignite the DAWA MAMA, or medicine woman, in every home across the nation. Are you the DAWA MAMA in your family?  


It was a  pleasure to be in your presence. I used the stool and it changed the game! You definitely helped me. My partner wants to invest in a doula too.


The services and guidance that I was provided with, you can't put a price on. Thank you so much!


Dawa changed my perspective and life in a lot of ways, I am forever grateful for your help. Thank you!

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