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DAWA Means "Medicine

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Who Are We?

DAWA is a small business focused on ancestral and nutritional wellness. It provides services, products, and resources to help people now more about wellness. 



Digital Offerings




What Do We Provide?


Do you have a desire to join a healing network of wellness enthusiasts?

Join the DAWA tribe on the comm-unity page to share insights and get answers. Let's explore wellness as a collective!

A pregnant girl
What is Womb Wellness?

Womb Wellness

Fruits on the table
Any Nutrition Guide?


New birth
Journey of Parenthood


- Popular Threads

Women holding hands together


Looking for wellness tips and stories?

Visit our blog page, or virtual library, for information and inspiring stories to fuel your journey to well-being.

A women stretching her body
Wellness Journey Insights: ...

Womb Wellness

Breakfast with fruits
Nutritious Eating Tips: ...


Trying wellness products
Paths to Personal Growth: ...


- Latest Blogs

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Digital Offerings

Do you want to explore some digital wellness products?

From womb wellness, to Nourishing recipe guides, our digital offerings are available for your transformational journey to the highest version of yourself. 

A book called womb wellness
Womb wellness guide and journal
A book called 6 everyday recipes for your healing home
Womb wellness affirmation cards 
A book called 22 Womb wellness affirmation cards
6 everyday recipes for a healing home

- Feature Offerings



DAWA has been a game-changer for my wellness journey—informative blogs, an engaging forum, and a supportive community all in one place. Truly a treasure trove of health and happiness!


We are people of integrity, making a positive influence on the lives of others. Do the right thing, when in doubt shout it out.

Inner Peace

Inner peace means a state of being mentally and spiritually at Peace. It doesn't mean that there is no noise or adversity. It means to be in the midst of all those and still feel the peace and calmness in your heart.


Nature is the most high, the moon, sun, stars, water, soil, and plants are all needed in our journey to liberation. DAWA is NATURE. 


Everything we do is LOVE. We Breathe love, we speak LOVE, we move in LOVE, we are LOVE.


”It is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot”. Sankofa teaches us the importance of learning from the past to build the future.


We speak the truth, seek the truth, we lead with the Truth. DAWA’s journey only began when we discovered the truth. 

Our Core Values

Join The Dawa Family

Join The Dawa Family!

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